When cleaning area rugs, attention to detail is critical

A lot goes into the process of cleaning an area rug. After an area rug is picked up, it must be checked in. We lay each rug out and use a commercial vacuum to pile lift the rug. We then examine each rug by measuring it's size, noting what kind of rug it is (e.g., Dhurrie, Oriental, Chinese, etc.), and any issues that may affect cleaning. We also note if the rug requires any repairs or restoration. We then photograph each rug which is stored in our digital photo archive. When all of this is done, and the rug is suitable for cleaning, it is placed on our wash floor. We pre treat each rug and allow the treatment to dwell for ten minutes. We then immerse the rug in water and a special high grade commercial detergent specifically designed for the cleaning of area rugs.

The rug is then scrubbed using a commercial rug scrubber. We then place the rug in a roller assembly where the rug is rinsed and then rolled to remove all excess water. The rug is then hung in our specially heated dry room. Once dry, the rug is either rolled and wrapped in plastic and stored for delivery or, if it has fringe, is brought to a special wood platform where we hand clean the fringe. As you can see, this is a laborious process and hasn't changed much in the many years that we have been cleaning rugs. We haven't even mentioned what happens when rugs need repair or restoration but that will be left for another post.